How to eat the quail eggs?

You can consume quail eggs same way that you consume regular eggs i.e. Scramble eggs, fried, boiled, or if you like poach them or eat them raw. You can mix it with any preferred drink really. It’s best to mix it in a blender. My best choice is to mix it in with any flavor milkshake or mix it with fresh orange juice. Delicious.

Where can I buy QQE® Quail Eggs?

You can buy them at main supermarkets chains in south Florida. Publix, Winn-Dixie, Sedano’s or one line in our web site.

How many Quail eggs are equivalent to one regular egg?

5 quail eggs equals 1 chicken egg.

Are QQE® Eggs fertilized?

No, they are not. There are only females laying eggs without males.

Do you use hormones or antibiotics?

No, we never use any hormones or antibiotics.

Do they carry Salmonella?

No, Quail Eggs do not carry Salmonella, due to de higher body temperature of quail and the increased presence of lysozyme enzyme, which inhibits bacterial growth.

If an egg floats when you are hard-boiling them, is it bad?

No, the eggs naturally have an air cell between the whites and the shell. As the egg ages, the contents of contract, causing the air shell to grow larger.

Are Quail eggs bad for you?

Eggs are a complete protein, meaning they have every amino acid and vitamins except vitamin C. Quail eggs also have a low carb, low cholesterol food, quail eggs provide a healthy heart diet. They also have the nutrients and properties to help give you the needed energy, resistance from illness, and faster recovery following surgery or from chemotherapy effects and other cancer treatments.

Where are QQE® Quail eggs produced?

We are USA farmers, located in South Florida State.

Are QQE® quail eggs kosher?

Yes, QQE Quail eggs has the kosher certificate from KM (Kosher Miami).

Are QQE farm in the NPIP?

Yes, we are. The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) is a national program in collaboration with state and federal departments of agriculture and industry representatives. The main objective of this program is to use new diagnostic technology to effectively improve poultry and poultry products throughout the United States. NPIP provides certification that poultry and poultry products destined for interstate and international shipments are disease free.

Pullorum-Typhoid (P-T),Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG), Mycoplasma Synoviae, Mycoplasma Meleagridis, Salmonella Enteritidis, Avian Influenza (AI).