Quail Eggs (sales and Production)

Born in the beginning of the XXI century, and consumed in the U.S. since the 1970's, we have acquired a great amount of experience in Coturnix Quail eggs in order to give you the best professional assistance possible.

Today quail eggs are very well recognized in United States and consumed in North America as a gourmet food item.


These egg trays are made specifically for quail eggs. Each tray securely holds 10 - 24 coturnix quail eggs, even jumbo sized. Snaps closed, no staples or elastics needed.

The flat tops are perfect for adding your own custom labels and nutritional information. Sample label you can use on your carton, as well as for nutritional information.


We only sell Coturnix Quail eggs, seeing as they have the most nutritional benefits. We personally guarantee freshness and quality in every single egg you receive. We only ship eggs within continental U.S.A.  For International orders, please fill out the fields below.

Our Quail eggs have the NPIP (Nationa Poultry Improvement Plan) certificate.

All domestic & international shipping must be prepaid by the costumer.
International shipping is FOB Miami, with prepaid shipping.


We are pleased to be able to offer a special selection of Coturnix Quail eggs. Hatching Quail eggs are available by the dozens.


Our production volume guarantees that our clients will always receive the freshest and highest quality product as we do not have any inventory in storage. When our clien sales increase or we have a new client, our Quail population grows with the demand in order to cover their needs.

  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Fat
  • Rich in Calcium, Protein, Iron
  • Only 15 calories per egg

Recommended for people suffering from allergies, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, and arterial hypertension. An essential for intellectual growth in children

Sale of Quail Eggs Miami

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Quail Eggs trays (24 count ea.) Master Box 500 Units.
Price $160 + Shipping $80

Sale of Quail Eggs Miami

Quail Eggs trays (10 count ea) Master box 1000 Units
Price $210 + Shipping $80

Quail Eggs 2 dozen
Price $6 + Shipping 18$

Hatching Quail Eggs
Price 60 cents each + Shipping (Please call before order)