Price of Quail Eggs in Miami

QQE Corp is a reputable family-owned business that specializes in the production and sale of quail eggs. The price of our quail eggs is more affordable as compared to competitors in the market.

We serve clients throughout Miami, Doral and Miami Beach.

High Quality Quail Eggs

Quail is a small avian species that belongs to the Pheasant family. It is raised for its delicious meat and eggs.

At QQE Corp, we produce, sell and pack the finest quality quail eggs. Our farm is fully equipped with the latest facilities, cutting-edge technology and high quality food for the breeding of quails.

We pride ourselves on offering the best quail eggs at the best prices.

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"Freshest and best quail eggs at the best prices"

Price of Quail Eggs Doral
Price of Quail Eggs Miami

Benefits of Quail Eggs

Even though quail eggs are more expensive than chicken eggs, there is still a high demand for quails because of their nutritional benefits.

Quail eggs have 13% protein compared to 11% in chicken eggs, 5 times more potassium and iron, and 3 times more Vitamin B1. Whether you want them poached, boiled, fried, pickled or scrambled, our quail eggs are perfect for every dish and taste.

Because quails have a higher body temperature than chicken, they are resistant to salmonella germs.

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"Quail eggs have more proteins than chicken eggs"

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