About QQE Corp

This Family owned business began in the year 2000, not as a means of income, but as a means for our family to find new, healthy eating habits. Boasting numerous health benefits, as opposed to regular eggs, you can never go wrong with Quail eggs!

Here is Margarita and Jaime, native from Colombia, who saw an opportunity as  there were no Quail eggs distributors in South Florida, this represented a future in the rising Quail eggs industry.

We have come a long way from having only 400 Quails in the first year, to having more than 20,000 Quails almost 20 years later. Catering to supermarkets such as Publix, WinnDixie, and Sedano’s, among others.  We constantly find our fresh Quail eggs in high demand.


Our family is based in South Florida, and has been delivering the highest quality Quail eggs to your table for almost 20 years. To ensure that our customers are receiving only the finest Quail eggs on the market, our Quails are fed with the highest quality food, and are never given any hormones, antibiotics or chemical products. Freshness is always guaranteed in our Quail eggs, as we don’t keep any inventory in our storage.